A Big Adventure
Thanks to the Class of 1963 Grant from Carleton College, I'll be traveling the country to do research for my senior thesis project.

Wake Up, It's Over
I'll be interviewing and observing different bands and musicians to see how they navigate the music industry of today. I'll be investigating how the internet and technology that makes creating a band easier than ever affects these bands lives and music.

The final product will be a series of essays; one essay on each band I visit and speak with. The bands/locations where I will meet them:

Places We Slept-Omaha, NE
Solid Attitude-Iowa City, IA
The Beets-Jackson Heights, NY
Brain Tumors-Minneapolis, MN
Teenage Moods-Minneapolis, MN
 Merchandise - Minneapolis, MN
 G. Green-Sacramento, CA
Fine Steps-Sacramento, CA
 Sic Alps-San Francisco, CA
 Milk Music-Joshua Tree, CA

This week I interviewed and took some photos of Nathan, Mark, and JD, my buds from Places We Slept. Tonight I went and saw Solid Attitude at the Sweatshop in Omaha. Tomorrow I head to Iowa City to see the dudes of Solid Attitude in their natural habitat. 

Expect notes from the trip, photos, and maybe some brilliant observations about punk rock.